We are a married couple Mr Esa & Mrs Laura Ruotsalainen and live in Lammi, southern Finland. We have a son called Karlo, born 2003 and a daughter called Viva, born 2009. We both have bred Kleinspitz since 1997, but Esa also co-owns Norwegian elkhounds out of hunting and showing lines with his father. Esa has grown up with Finnish Spitz, Norwegian Elkhounds and German Shepherds and thatís why he really loves and adores Spitz!. Laura's parents had Dobermans and later Pumis and Gos d'Atura Catala but her own breed is German Spitz.

Esa breeds both Pomeranian and other coloured Kleinspitz (orange, cream, orange sable, cream sable, wolf sable, black&tan) under his affix "Tirhan" while Laura concentrates on black and brown variations (and occasionally Mittelspitz) under her affix "Tempore". Some of the other coloured variations, for example wolf sable and black&tan, are very rare all over the world. The gene pool is still very narrow especially in these colours why very careful consideration is needed when breeding in order to continue producing typical, healthy and lively spitz with lovely character. That is why we have imported so many dogs from abroad. Breeding dogs is never easy!

We both adore Kleinspitz because of the wonderful lively, open character with no signs of aggressive or lacking self-confidence, very handy size, good health and natural beauty. The things we like the most in this breed are square body, beautiful wedge head with lovely expression, strong bones and body as well as standing, harsh coat with lots of undercoat. This picture of ideal spitz is always on our minds and that is what we really want to produce out of our lines. We do not want breed too showy Pomeranian-like or big Mittel-like Kleinspitz. Our breeding stock is tested clear of eye diseases (HC, RD, PRA) and patella luxation because health is a very important thing to us.

Our dogs do not live in kennels but with us in the house as a part of our live. We have only a few at home as most of our stud animals are placed on breeding terms to foster families where they are individually treated as family members. We retain the right to breed and show them. This system allows us to concentrate on the well-being of the animals.

We are both qualified ring stewards and have been active in the breed clubs. In addition, Esa is an official judge for dog shows (judging rights) and hunting tests and has the right to tattoo and microchip dogs. And above all we are totally mad about showing!