16.12.2001 Swedish Winner -01: Veera BOB ja Noppa BOS, both finished their INT CH title
08.12.2001 Finnish Winner show: Lassi Winner -01, Tinka Junior Winner -01, Diva BOS-puppy
17.11.2001 Jyväskylä int: Åsa CAC and Res-CACIB
04.11.2001 Espoo puppy show Boom BOB-puppy and BIG-4
13.10.2001 Oulu int: Lassi BOB, Åsa BOS, Tinka BOB-puppy, Nadia CAC, Noppa BOB
30.09.2001 Puppy show Nadja BOB-puppy and BIG-5, Boom BOS-puppy
09.09.2001 Porvoo: Dianna BOB
26.08.2001 Club Show: Dianna BOB, Hirmu BOB-, Viola BOS-puppy, Oona finished her CH title
26.08.2001 Club Show: Lassi BIS-veteran-5, Tinka BOB-puppy
25.08.2001 Tino's first CAC + BOB
19.08.2001 Heinola: Gordon got his second CAC with BOB, Noppa BOB
11.08.2001 Turku: Dianna Group 5, Ville BOB
05.08.2001 Kuopio int: Ross BOB, Lassi BOB, Amanda BOS, Oona CAC
04.08.2001 Mäntyharju: Ross CAC + BOB -> CH
28.07.2001 Pori int: Ross BOB
22.07.2001 Dianna Group 4, Ville and Ross BOB, Hirmu BIS 2 -puppy
15.07.2001 Vantaa: Ronja BOS
12.07.2001 Nordic Winner show: Dianna and Ville BOB, Sisu ja Lassi Best Dog 2
08.07.2001 Ronja gained her second CAC in Karjaa dog show
07.07.2001 Visit to Estonia was succesful for Pipsa:EST CH
30.06.2001 Oona CAC and BOB at Kristina show
17.06.2001 Both Ronja and Gordon CAC and BOB at Hämeenlinna, Masi Best Dog 2
16.06.2001 Young Mittel Säde took her first CAC with BOB at Kotka
10.06.2001 Venla CAC + BOS at Pieksämäki show
02.06.2001 Hyvinkää: Flipper took CAC and BOB with him to Norway, Feni BOB 
27.05.2001 Poju and Kassu BOB + CAC at Joensuu show
26.05.2001 Oona was placed 2nd in Group in addition to her first CAC
26.05.2001 Helsinki int show: Gordon BOB-puppy, Åsa Best Bitch 2, Sinny CAC
13.05.2001 Hirmu started his career by BOB-puppy + 5th in Group
05.05.2001 Feni was placed 4th in Group competition
28.04.2001 Västerås int show, Sweden: Nelli BOS + her first CAC
28.04.2001 Lahti int show: Feni BOB, Noppa ->CH, Gordon and Venla BOB-puppy
14.04.2001 Lappeenranta int show: Feni BOS, Åsa and Säde BOB-puppy
17.03.2001 Our black&tan babies' first appearance resulted in BOB- and BOS-puppy
17.02.2001 Nadia's first show in Intermediate class ended up with CAC + BOB

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