09.12.2000 Feni and Lassi did it again in Sweden; INT CH, S CH, Swedish Winner-00
03.12.2000 Feni and Sisu took it all at the Finnish Winner Show; BOB + BOS
03.12.2000 Lassi BOB at the Finnish Winner Show
11.11.2000 Dianna got CACIB + CAC from Latvia
21.10.2000 Pipsa first TEMPORE bred Mittel INT CH!
17.09.2000 Feni BOB in Maarianhamina int dog show
17.09.2000 Iiro finished his CH title in his third show ever
03.09.2000 Iiro BOS + second CAC
02.09.2000 Iiro got CAC from the first dog show in his life
13.08.2000 Club show for Kleins: Sisu BOS, Feni 2nd BestBitch, Oona Best Puppy
12.08.2000 Kemi int dog show: Feni BOB, Sisu BOS, Veera BOS
23.07.2000 Saba finished her CH title
22.07.2000 Club show for Mittels: Noppa BOB
08.07.2000 Viva finally an INT CH
22.06.2000 Ines surprised us with her JWW-00 title
22.06.2000 World Winner Show: Sisu and Dianna got res-CACIBs
18.06.2000 Sisu became the first TEMPORE bred INTERNATIONAL CH
18.06.2000 Veera received CACIB from Denmark
18.06.2000 Dianna kept up good speed, CACIB + CAC from Denmark

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