We are a married couple loving the German Spitz. As former "rivals" we have now combined our breeding under Tempore and Tirhan affix. Dog shows are our main interest and our Spitz have gained excellent results around Europe but we also breed as a hobby. At home we only have a few German Spitz as most of the stud animals are placed on breeding terms to foster families where they are individually treated as family members. We retain the right to breed and show them. This system allows us to concentrate on the well-being of the animals. Our lines base on international co-operation and several imports from Germany, UK and Scandinavia. We have received a Vuolasvirta-prize from the Finnish Kennel Club for our top-quality breeding in 2003.

We aim at healthiness, sound construction and well-balanced temperament. We also concentrate on typical, clear colours without mixing them as in Germany. All stud animals are tested free from patella luxation and eye diseases before bred from. Each of them has also had success in the show ring and most have finished their champion titles. Puppies are brought up among our other Spitz where they learn to be a part of the family.

German Spitz make excellent pets. They are friendly, bright, bold, attentive and lively. They get along with people and other pets without difficulty. They are sound and long-living. They are easily trained and become attached to their masters. Profuse and showy coat needs care but not that much you would assume e.g. grooming is required only once or twice a month. This is a breed one just fells in love with.